International Studies

Based on the readings and lecture notes, develop and design an interview questionnaire of 10-15 questions on the research topic listed below. 

You are doing comparative research on HIV Aids in the Arab world, focusing on Egypt. You have flown to Egypt and have already interviewed Ministry of Health officials and representatives of the medical profession on infection rates, sex education policies and other preventative measures, but are now keen to talk to local people affected by the virus to learn more about how they cope with the illness.

The assignment should be 500-600 words in length.

Justify in writing:
1. The type of interview chosen
2. The selection of respondents (provide an actual list of respondents and why they should be selected) 

Describe in detail:
1. The interviewing techniques you would use
2. The potential errors and pitfalls you might encounter and how you would avoid them
3. Any ethical implications of your research
4. The broader challenges you may encounter in organising/conducting the interview

To properly design the interview and address the points raised above, you will need to read up on, and gain some familiarity with the topic area.

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