Introduction to Econometrics Estimating Demand Functions Article and Introduction to Macroeconometric Models.

n Chapter 1, Using Econometrics, 7th Edition by Studenmund PowerPoint Insert – from Stock and Watson, Introduction to Econometrics Estimating Demand Functions Article. Introduction to Macroeconometric Models. Write: Complete the following writing assignment that will be posted in the Blackboard Questions section: Suppose you are an economic adviser to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed), and he asks you whether it is advisable to increase the money supply to bolster the economy. What factors would you take into account in your advice? How would you use econometrics in your advice? To reduce the dependence on foreign oil supplies, the government is thinking of increasing the federal taxes on gasoline. Suppose the Ford Motor Company has hired you to assess the impact of the tax increase on the demand for its cars. How would you go about advising the company? Suppose the president of the United States is thinking of imposing tariffs on imported steel to protect the interests of the domestic steel industry. As an economic adviser to the president, what would be your recommendations? How would you set up an econometric study to assess the consequences of imposing the tariff? Complete the following assignment(s): Description Please complete this quiz in preparation for class on October 18, 2018. (Please separate ) quiz 1 Instructions Multiple Attempts This test allows 5 attempts. This is attempt number 2. Force Completion This test can be saved and resumed later. 1) A sales manager for an advertising agency believes there is a relationship between the number of contacts and the amount of the sales. To verify this belief, the following data was collected: