ios software project analysis

ios software project analysis Description Topic: project analysis Description Assume your project has become very successful in the U.S. Describe how your product will put pressure on a culture outside the U.S. (You have to choose a specific country). Use the social and cultural processes introduced in the class to guide your answer. reference source : and attach file here is the what this Application does : ios App Project abstract There are many students living with roommates. According to Zillow, 40% of young adults have roommates. However, living together with roommates can be difficult to plan out. There are always many problems such as who purchased and used items that roommates all share, and these issues can lead to heated arguments. There are often disagreements among roommates when the one purchases an item, but another consumes the item because they do not know whose it is or whether it can be shared or not. A crude solution to this problem is labeling every item with the owners name and if it shared or not, but this solution is not practical when the amount of items becomes very large. Labeling helps others to know whose item it is, but does not solve the issue of helping you keep track of your items. The project demonstrates a new way of organizing and distinguishing household items to solve the issues described above. The barcode scanner allows users to scans items with a Universal Product Code (UPC) and quickly add them to their inventory. The image recognition by machine learning algorithm recognizes and identifies items which do not have any barcode, so that much of the input data is automatically filled out. All this data is stored in a database that propagates to other users in the household the state of the item. This allows users to manage, keep track, share, and input their items with ease. The goal of this project is to facilitate the tracking and management of a single users mobile devices barcode and quickly add items into an inventory. The application identifies items that users own, quantities, prices and expiration dates of these items to a user or a household. The image recognition machine learning algorithm is used to identify items which do not have any barcode. The main objective of the project will be to use the camera on a mobile device to take an image of an object or use the image recognition machine learning to analyze it and identify it, in order to facilitate user data entry into their inventory. problem and Motivation Keeping track of your things can often be difficult, especially when living with others. For example, keeping track of items in a single pantry can be quite time-consuming and tedious. Sometimes items become forgotten and this can be especially wasteful for perishable items. Most people cannot keep track of all the items they own in their head and have an even harder time remembering the purchase date. Because most items that are bought from a store have a barcode, it makes inventory management rather simple. Unfortunately, some items have long since lost their packaging or do not have a barcode thus making a barcode only inventory application rather limited. Our project aims to tackle this problem with the aid of machine learning. This is in an effort to reduce waste and keep users better informed about the things they own while aiding households in better sharing their items. The application of our project result is primarily to help ease the difficulties of group living and assists individuals and households in managing their collective and individual belongings. The purpose of our project result (an iPhone app in this case) is to identify and categorize items based on their look(by taking a picture of an item) or by scanning a barcode on them, keep track of how many or how much of a certain item is available in a household, predict if an item needs to be purchased based on previous item usage data and provide item usability information our project result helps household members to be more organized and more aware of what is that they have or they have not and make financially viable decisions, even with purchases that seem very insignificant when executed at a time but could have a major impact when added up through time. our project result data collected from the users is to be used to gather anonymous non-identifiable user data that can be used to aid in a variety of researchers and community studies. Such applications include researchers that deal with the consumption of a certain type of product and its relation to some type of illness, or the community study that deals with the financial status of a community or region and their purchasing habits. Our project result can be used to aid in academic initiatives by providing data that can be used in academic studies. , our product is expected to make an economic impact on households who will be using the product. This is due to the prospective reduction in unnecessary waste and purchases that is likely to occur when using the product.