Juvenile Paper

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In order to craft good juvenile justice policies, it is imperative that policy makers have a deep understanding of the causes of criminal behaviour among the youth. Generally speaking, there are three broad levels of criminological explanation i.e. individual, situational and social structural.

This essay will require you to firstly select one of those 3 broad levels, and within those categories to thereafter choose one theoretical paradigm that falls within it. They are as follows:

  1. Individual factors (classical school OR psychological impairment);
  2. Situational factors (labelling theory OR deviant/criminal subcultures)
  3. Structural factors (Marxism OR feminism)

You must critically discuss why your choices were the most appropriate to use as a theoretical platform in order to organise the youth justice system.

What would be the key features of such a system?

Why did you include those key features in the first place? What was the rationale for doing so?

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