L2 Magaxind AD 1&2

 Take a look at the magazine advertisement below. It incorporates several if not all of the seven principles of design covered in our last lesson. For part one select from the list below which of the seven you think are being utilized by the designer to attract and keep your attention and ultimately persuade you to buy their product. Hint: most if not all of the principles are being used – do your best to find them. NOTE: Part 1 will be graded based on your recognition of the design principles used. 7 principles Unity and Variety Balance: Symmetrical or Asymmetrical Emphasis and Subordination Directional Forces Contrast Repetition and Rhythm Scale and/or Proportion QUESTION 2 1. PART 2: Now, using your choices from above, create a thorough list of your chosen Principles of Design used to create the ad and a detailed description of how each was used. This does not have to be in the form of a formal paper. You can simply list which principles were used and give an in-depth description of how they were used. To add emphasis, use bold type each time a design principle is used and be as detailed and descriptive as needed to explain your point. • Example: (not from the image above) Directional Forces- To emphasize the focal point of the ad, the designer uses the glaring eyes of the surrounding crowd as directional forces, pointing to the boy’s shoes. In that sentence, the writer has noted that the designer utilizes certain elements (the crowd’s eyes) to bring attention to the ad’s focal point (the boy’s shoes). Also: Identify the ad’s target audience – this will help you identify and explain your list. Write as many sentences as needed to emphasize your point. NOTE: scoring for Part 2 will be based on execution of directions, the detail and thoroughness of your response and how well you describe the use of each principle.