Land Law

 Description OSCOLA REFERENCING. 1. Are the requirements set out in section 2 of the Law of Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1989 fit for purpose in the 21st century? Discuss critically. OR 2. Manon wishes to buy a house from Noel. The property is listed on the Land Register, but Manon is concerned about various potential proprietary interests that are not mentioned on the Register. A neighbour, Olivia, is currently parking her car on land belonging to the property. She claims to have an implied legal easement allowing her to do this. The garden is being used by a young couple, Peter and Quinn, who claim that they have a twenty-five-year lease of this land. This lease does not appear to be registered. Noel’s ex-partner, Saffron, contacts Manon to advise her that she has an equitable interest in the house. According to Saffron, Noel assured her that he would always provide for her and she has a claim based on proprietary estoppel. Saffron is not currently living in the house. However, when Manon visits the property, she finds that Noel’s parents are living on the top floor. Manon asks them whether they have any property rights and they tell her that they do not. When Manon asks Noel, he informs her that his parents contributed to the purchase price of the house and have a beneficial interest in the property. Advise Manon whether she will be bound by these interests, should she go ahead with the purchase.