Laying Off Employee Discussion

Laying Off Employee Discussion

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Laying Off Employee Discussion

Business is always characterized by the over-performance and under-performance dynamics that require the manager’s critical decision in the management frameworks. During a severe economic crisis, an organization always needs the manager to make the hard decision of laying off the employees. Employees may get laid off due to the inability to deliver quality services or the behavioral characteristics exhibited at the workstation that is not favorable for the company’s growth (Mujtaba & Senathip, 2020). However, there exist situations where all the employees are determined and need the job for economic survival. All their services are crucial for the company’s development, but the company has to sacrifice one of them due to the need to solve the economic crisis to balance the financial equilibrium. For the case presented, as a manager I would lay off Alice and continue working with Mary.

The potential impact of the decision may create labor crisis but solve the economic disparity exhibited within the organization culture. Despite being a fresh college graduate, Mary is a hardworking and smart employee. She still tests the importance of creating economic and social goodwill with the customers and organization. The company can also improve her ability through little motivation to enable her to continue with the weekend’s work delivery. Because Mary is a fresh graduate, she may not be able to understand all the goals and needs of the company. Therefore, the motive of employees in supporting the political causes that are contrary to the Company’s economic plans can get corrected by the management and colleagues through work principles strategies (Wright, 2008). Also, Alice being hard-working means suitable for the company, but the limited availability on weekends and limited overnight travel may derail the company’s needs of correcting the merged economic crisis. Therefore, preferring Mary over Alice remains a critical decision hence my choice for laying off Alice is not based on personal grudges but the need for the in-depth economic prosperity of the company.


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