Leadership Course

The following exercise will account for 20% of the total marks for this module. 

Your boss (Mrs T Brown) is about to attend a Leadership Course.  As you work for her, she has asked you to provide a Briefing Note for her about the notion of “followership” with a maximum of 300 words.

She would also like you to provide some personal examples of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in practice.  Please provide her with some situations and scenarios you have experienced in the workplace and to which you are now able to apply Maslow’s model.  You should use a maximum of 250 words to explain your views.  This should start on a new page.

The Briefing Note should draw on academic literature where appropriate and be referenced accordingly.  It should be appropriately targeted to the audience, clear and succinct.  You may wish to use headings or images to convey your message but please ensure you use the available space wisely to ensure you have sufficient detail. 

You may find the following resources useful but please remember they are not perfect examples and you will need to use your judgement to consider how best to communicate your message to the target audience.  You should also refer to the feedback you were given for your Module 4 brief to ensure you are addressing any ‘Key Areas in Need of Improvement’ that were raised by the marker.




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