The test results show that my primary leadership style is task focused and my secondary leadership style is intellectual. The scores from the quiz are as follows:

a. task – 6

b. Social – 5

c. Intellectual – 6

d. participative – 5.7

To an extent I agree with the results that have come up after answering the quiz. I really value speed, action, efficiency as well as consistency. However, I still know that sometimes I also act impatiently or rather as if in a hurry. Sometimes I am also too impatient about getting the results. Still I know that I am good at decision making.

Secondly, I am also quite thorough and accurate about whatever I do and that helps me make my long term plans. It is therefore, that people consider me objective, logical as well as committed. However, there is also a bit of rigidness in me and slight reluctance to other’s input. But, generally due to single minded focus on task I am able to achieve great results from whatever I do.

I find that my leadership style can be greatly helpful in the field of public administration where things like efficiency, consistency and commitment are greatly valued. In the field of public administration mostly come across situations where ‘shared leadership’ applies’. Seeing the growing challenges in public leadership it needs a person to remain committed to his task as well as be good at decision making. It needs participative decision making where I can deliver with my accurate and thorough actions and decisions.

In this field it also needs consistency apart from efficiency since the challenges are relatively bigger which will need to be addressed quite fast. To address the challenges one needs to have single minded focus on his task as well as remain consistent with whatever he is doing. Yet, I know that most importantly I will have to consider the factor of shred leadership and how I can deliver while including others in my decisions and actions.

There are some key points which I will need to include for my leadership growth so that I can deliver consistently as well as prove effective in my sphere. My leadership style is primarily task focused and secondly intellectual.

The two concepts that I can apply in this regard are as follows:

a. Foster development of others: The main idea behind this concept is to engage and include others. The first step in this regard is to learn with others and also to encourage learning while working. Apart from this it is also important to reward and recognize the work and efforts of others.

b. build effective teams: The idea behind this concept is to find ways for using people’s strengths for team projects and to encourage participation in this way. Secondly, it needs to create collaborative opportunities for learning and to build trust.

It encourages participation as well as collaboration.


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