Literature Critique

Please follow the instructions CAREFULLY:

? Due 11.59pm 01 May 2017

? 1000 word limit (not including references/title)

? Four papers are up on Blackboard (Are attached in Dropbox), you have to pick one whatever suits



? DO NOT tell me how interesting each section is i.e. the introduction was X, Y and Z.

? This is NOT a book report!

? Critically evaluate the work.

? DO: provide a brief summary, put it context of other relevant research, discuss

innovation/strength/weaknesses of approach. Provide an overall critical evaluation of the work.

? DO NOT: give me a book report.

? DO NOT break it down into introduction/methods/results etc/

? Definitely do not plagiarise

? ONLY Recent publication with no later than 2014 are PERMITED

? It has to be novel research (not a review), and Dr Nathan Bott CAN NOT be one of the authors.

? There is no one right answer, provide your critique and support it with other literature/facts.


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