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Literature essay: Lord of Files


William Golding’s novel ‘Lord of the Files’ is not just an entertainment book, but a thought-provoking book on a man and his society. The sadness to the reader after going through the novel and getting a gist of what each character represents.


The author seems to be responding to ‘Coral Island’ (Bruce 56). This is an Island portrayed in the novel, with a group of shipwrecked boys who made Christians though out of cannibals. They hunt pigs down though they don’t spill over blood, and later they are rescued cheerfully, signifying the darker side of man as well as the true source of the devil.

The author uses different characters to bring out in contrast the opposite side of ma. Ralph in the novel represents common sense and sanity. On the other hand, Jack seems to love power, hunting and blood portraying the hope that human beings have regardless of their circumstances. This signifies man’s efforts to better their lives in a resistant world.

The author has brought out the picture of real mankind in the character of Piggy. This character is portrayed as a personification of reason and intelligence. He is used by the author as an inventor: He discovers the real nature of the devil (Bruce 58). This character connotes that there is hope for mankind even though situations may look worse.


Truly, William Golding’s examines the society giving us an insight into the real nature of humankind and the faults of the society. He uses symbolism to show us the efforts of man to build a perfect society though in vain.


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