Literature Review of Addictions and Veterans

Literature Review of Addictions and Veterans

When working with clients who are suffering from an addiction, oftentimes there are other

psychosocial problems that are occurring as well. For example, someone who is battling an addiction

to drugs may also be dealing with abuse, domestic violence, or a mental health diagnosis. Making

sure that you investigate all possible issues is important in helping a client who is living with an


Watch the video of the Levy Case Study, episodes 1 and 6. To further develop your understanding of

Jake Levy’s struggles with alcohol, conduct a literature review on returning veterans and addictions

and substance abuse. Identify at least two areas or themes that appear in the research. The purpose

of this literature review is to further your knowledge on the relationship of addictions and other

psychosocial problems related to returning veterans. Use the following outline for your paper:

1. Introduction

Summary of Jake Levy’s presenting problems with special attention to the alcohol abuse. Explain why

this is an area of concern that should be studied.

2. Review of the Literature

Summarize the research related to veterans and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Organize your review by identifying at least two psychosocial issues related to alcohol abuse and

addiction and veterans returning from war. Try to focus on areas that will educate you more on the

case of Jake Levy. Identify new information that is not clear in the case study.

3. Recommendations

Using the literature, summarize the most pertinent information that will be useful knowledge for the

social work student wor

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