Lodging and Resort Operations

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Lodging and Resort Operations






Question 1

Hotel security departments range from a solitary employee in some small hotels to as many as twenty or more people in large establishments or large properties. In larger properties, the security operates under the supervision of a director of security. In addition, in large properties, security departments include uniformed patrol personnel that is need seen in small and some medium properties. Contracted security is the business that seek a profit by offering a host security services to businesses, institutions, and other organizations. One major advantage of in-house security is that greater control is maintained over personnel, including selection, training, and supervision, and of course, such a force is more familiar with the unique needs of the company. The other advantage is that in in-house security, security is enhanced because staff is directly employed by the building owner or manager and so security is guaranteed and so this makes the difference. Furthermore, in in-house security, the staff is recruited, screened and selected using procedures and methods stipulated and controlled by the client. Once or twice I have been a guest at a lodging property where there was a security breech.

Question 2

The efficiency of executive housekeeper determines the effectiveness of the housekeeping function. It is a formal point for the dissemination of information and communication to various points in the housekeeping department as well as other departments. There are various conditions where clear communication is important between the front office and the executive housekeeper. Since the executive housekeep has a role in up keeping of the quest rooms and hotels’ public properties, the person has to work via other employees in seeing that the job is done. In such cases, where though the consultation and allocation of other employees, and the job remains undone, the executive housekeeper has a responsibility to conduct a clear communication. A clear communication is also needed at the point where the executive housekeeper is training other employees in cleaning techniques. It is the role of the executive housekeeper to train other housekeepers and so the need for clear communication. The scheduling of employees also need clear communication.

Question 3

Security is a major element in today’s world and a vital component in most organizations. Many credible institutions have strong and reliable security systems. As a director of security, to improve security while remaining within the budget, building entrances would be the best. Planning and design can improve the safety and requirements to do this should be incorporated into the brief. Crime on institution or organization’s properties normally takes place outside the working hours and the restriction of entrance and the check would thus reduce the rate. Whenever possible, commercial, service and delivery vehicles should have a designed entry point to the site, preferably away from high-risk buildings and this can only be controlled suppose the entry is controlled ad closely monitored. Active perimeter entries should also designated so that security personnel can maintain full control without creating unnecessary delays. This can be accomplished by the provision of a sufficient number of entry points to accommodate the peak flow of pedestrians and vehicular traffic, as well as adequate lightning for rapid and efficient inspection. Controlled entries further aids in the achievement of this. The number of access points into the site should be minimized because they are a potential source of weakness in the controlled perimeter and they are costly in construction and personnel (William, 2005).


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