Major Argumentative Essay Assignment III on an Open “College Major-Related” Topic

Major Argumentative Essay Assignment III on an Open “College Major-Related” Topic

3-5 Pages (Research-Based)

The research topic that you choose can be any topic that is related to your college major. It should be a topic that intrigues and will expand your knowledge in your current or prospective major as an undergraduate student. Moreover, it should be a topic that you enjoy reading, researching, and writing about. It should be a “hot button” critical issue in your field. Do not duplicate any topic that you have written on earlier throughout the semester. The topic you choose for this paper must be “original.”

Your topic must also have a “Controversial” angle. Controversial means that there are two sides to the issue in the sense that there are strong “proponents” and “opponents” among professionals and scholars in your particular major field, as well as the general population of society on the issue, and it is highly “debatable and argumentative” in nature.

Regardless of the topic you select to write on, you will choose a distinct side and argue “for or against it,” but you will also research the other side, present, and challenge it. This creates a complete argument.

The paper must be 3-5 typed double spaced pages, illustrate Times New Roman type, and 12-size font.

Proper essay structure should be presented including a focused introductory paragraph with a direct thesis statement, well developed body paragraphs with in-text citations, and a conclusion.

You must use a minimum of 3 secondary sources that include scholarly journal articles, books, professional websites etc.

You must use accurate MLA documentation throughout the paper. This includes correct use of “in-text citation” and “parenthetical notes.”

You must also include a works cited page at the end of the paper.

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