Major, Career, Goals






Major, Career, Goals

I chose to join a nursing school at ACC and I am currently working on three prerequisite classes and applying to a Licensed Vocational Nurses School. Ultimately, I plan to work as a licensed vocational nurse while becoming a Registered Nurse. I am particularly interested in pursuing physical rehabilitation and pediatrics. At my bachelors and masters level, I majored in Political Science and Library Science respectively. To date, I have not been able to find a kind of Job that would allow me to work comfortably. Librarian jobs are generally scarce and they require one to work not only during evenings but also on weekends. Being a single mother, this is inconveniencing as it does not give me sufficient time to cater for the needs of my daughter.

My mother was a registered nurse and a nurse educator and I really admired her when I was growing up. This is because she portrayed positive values and was able to inculcate the same in us. In addition, she was able to work conveniently and earned enough to support the family. She was certainly a positive role model who was dedicated to ensuring that her children are well nurtured to fit in the current society. I also wish to not only be a role model to my daughter, but to also support her through life. I think I can be able to achieve this through going back to school and enhancing my skills. It is for these reasons that I chose to major in nursing.

My career goals are to work in a field that I love and one that would enable me to reach out to the society. Notably, this has some significant intrinsic as well as extrinsic benefits. The inherent satisfaction and rewarding compensation would enable me to derive the best from my career. Moreover, this experience would provide me with useful insights with respect to nurturing my daughter in a socially acceptable manner. The exposure to persons from diverse backgrounds and who have different problems would be instrumental in enabling me to appreciate different life experiences. In the long run, this will turn out as a lifelong learning experience for both my daughter and I.

Austin Community College offers the licensed vocational nurses program and would therefore enable me to pursue this. Since the program is flexible and takes a period of one year, this is convenient for me. Besides, it is affordable and would therefore not be financially strenuous. The institution has sufficient modern resources and dedicated staff that would ensure that I gain the right skills to fulfill my goals. Besides, the large network that the institution developed would ensure that I am exposed to a diverse working environment through its internship program. This experience would be fundamental in preparing me for the career ahead.

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