Make up a newspaper from Indianan Horse

 Description TORONTO — Last night in Toronto Scotia-bank Arena, Saul Indian Horse’s greatest success with the Toronto Marlboro might come at a significant emblazonment. Saul had two points in last night game and made a massive contribution to his team in NHL. He was able to click so quickly because he can play a high rate of speed. “ I just try my best and use my leg as much as I can,” Saul said. Saul Indian Horse is a new hockey star in Toronto Marlboros, that is because what he did, also race. Unlike most of the player who is white. He is an Ojibway who having grown up and studied the hockey in St. Jerome’s Indian Residential school. Saul’s hockey talent is developed there by Father Leboutilier. Before he joins Toronto Marlboros Saul was a member in Moose. “He did a good job this time!” commented Jack Lanahan “I found him in a native team name Moose. The moment I saw him, I know that he will make some great contributions in hockey.”. Saul’s excellent skill effect of the NHL scout noted him and brought him to next level of hockey. In the meantime, Saul’s teammate seems not to like him because of race. “He just wants to show off.” Saul line-mate Charles Manson said. However, Saul did a good job last night. The Marlies coach said, “He is a glory. We bring him there because of that.” “He is a person full of controversial.” by one of the audience, Ervin Sift “But I like his strength.”. Everyone is looking forward to his next match in the coming Friday.