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0Introduction to Leadership


The pragmatic description of leadership articulates a process that an individual substantively influences a particular group of individuals to accomplish a common goal. The concept of leadership is accentuated with four common themes. The themes are conceived as, the leadership concept is conceived as process, and Leadership is articulated as a concept that involves influence. Leadership is pragmatically articulated as a concept that occurs in the context of a group. Goal attainment is the ultimate objective of the concept of leadership.

The definition described above however locates an individual as a source of leadership. Leadership is articulated by a more collective concept. (Avolio, 2009) The concept contextually take the assumption that leadership involves a social influence process in that an intentional influence is imposed by a person or a group of people over other people with an aim to structure the activities and relationships in the organization.

Malcolm Wall’s personality

Fifty-seven years old, Wall began his career selling airtime with Southern TV 35 years ago before moving North to head up Granada’s sales operations.

A keen sportsman, who only gave up his beloved boxing just before his 50th birthday. He took up the sport while he was an undergraduate at the University of Kent and he remained an active amateur boxer until his last fight in Bethnal Green in 2006.

“Boxing sharpens the mind,” Wall told Broadcast magazine, “but after my last fight I decided that if I took any more blows it might end up having the opposite effect.”

Building on an extensive career across the media spectrum, Malcolm Wall now advises businesses and individuals on strategy and implementation. Wall has been part of a raft of big media businesses throughout his career having had worked at Virgin Media, where he was chief executive of content, and United Business Media, where he was Chief Operating Officer.

Most recently, he was Chief Executive Officer and then Advisor to the Board at Abu Dhabi Media. Prior to this, he worked as a Consultant to the telecommunications, media and technology sectors and has had stints at ITV companies including Granada, Anglia and Southern.

Malcolm is currently developing Song Lin, the newly formed, joint venture between Pinewood Studios and Seven Stars Media and Entertainment, to provide film services in China.

In his new role, Wall is now based in China establishing a project team and oversee the launch of the business. “I am thrilled that Malcolm has agreed to join Pinewood’s latest international joint venture,” said Pinewood’s Ivan Dunleavy. “Song Lin is an exciting prospect for the company. China’s growth in recent years has been phenomenal and this is especially true in the media sector.” Ivan Dunleavy added: “This is an exciting appointment for Song Lin. As we look to get this project off the ground, we need someone who as worked at the highest levels in the international media sector to bring their experience to what is a fast growing and dynamic industry in China.”

“ HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” dock10” at MediaCityUK has appointed Malcolm Wall as its non-executive chairman. dock10 is a joint venture partnership between Peel Group and SIS. Wall replaced David Holgate, who’s been on the board of the media services provider since its formation in 2010. He is now retiring.

“I would also like to welcome Malcolm to the board. His extensive experience and contacts will be enormously helpful as we look to the future strategic growth of HYPERLINK “” dock10.” stated Mark Senior, Chief Executive of HYPERLINK “” dock10.

Peel, dock10’s joint owner, also owns 73% of Pinewood Studios, which retained Wall last April for its HYPERLINK “” t “_blank” joint venture with Seven Stars Media in China, called ‘Song Lin’. Wall’s background is in the global media sector. In addition to his Chinese ventures, he has also held senior roles at Abu Dhabi Media, Virgin Media, United Business Media and several ITV companies.

“I am delighted to be working with the HYPERLINK “” dock10 management and shareholders. The team have achieved a great deal in a very short space of time. I look forward to working with them in the next stage of development of the business,” he said.

Describing Malcolm Wall using the 7traits Paradigm:

The trait theory of leadership provides the assumption that capabilities in leadership are derived in the characteristics possessed by an individual. The concept articulates significant positive relationship between leadership and personal traits in the context of intelligence, self-confidence, diligence, self-efficacy and openness to experience. Thus, individuals emerge as leaders on the aspect of various situation and tasks.

Based on my direct in touch with Malcolm Wall, even for a short time, I can say that this person deserves the title “Leader” in all the meaning of this word. Moreover, according to the Seven Traits theory, I can assure that Mr. Wall has all those seven traits under his expensive suite:


Malcolm Wall exhibits high efforts, high desire for his achievements, persistent, and shows initiative. As a CEO in the ADM, Malcolm Wall, didn’t have to come to the work from 7am and start taking Arabic lessons from the first week of his joining. Mr. Wall rarely work less than 12 hours a day with full of passion and insistence to achieving his goals.

2. Desire to lead:

On the other hand you can feel his strong desire to influence and lead others and willingness to take a responsibility for every step of the transformation of the company and other crucial decisions that he makes on a daily bases.

3. Honesty and integrity:

Mr. Wall also builds trusting relationships through his honesty, clear vision and friendly communication with others. He is truthful and shows high consistency between word and deed.

4. Self-confidence:

Malcolm Wall’s personality never exhibit a self-doubt that is when he decides something you can feel that he knows what he is doing. In addition, he convinces followers for the rightness of their goals and decisions.

5. Intelligence:

One of the most amazing traits of Malcolm Wall is his intelligence. He can gather, synthesize, and interpret large amounts of information. He is able to create visions, to solve problems, and to make correct decisions in marvellous way that you feel that this person is not from the same world of us.

6. Job-relevant knowledge:

Before Malcolm starts his official duty time, he gathered as much as he can of knowledge about ADM to be able to build well-informed decisions when needed.

7. Extraversion:

Wall has a full of energy and live, he is sociable, assertive, and rarely be silent or withdrawn by others. At the national day of UAE, after a hard working day, you can see him holding the dish of sweets and welcoming all the employees who came to celebrate this wonderful day.

Based on the HPDM platform, listing and justifying the core competencies that Malcolm Wall has:

The High Performance Development Model (HPDM) is the framework for developing highly-skilled leaders for the 21st Century. By focusing on eight core competencies, HPDM provides the foundation for leading-by-example and creating a motivating workplace: personal mastery, technical skills, interpersonal effectiveness, customer service, flexibility/adaptability, creative thinking, systems thinking, and organizational stewardship.

Looking at Malcolm Wall’s personality, I can fairly declare that he accumulates all these core competencies starting from the bottom of these skills as a personal mastery, and technical skilled person as he started working at his beginning of life in lower jobs like Media Salesman, getting the best of these skills. In terms of his interpersonal effectiveness, Malcolm is a very effective in dealing within the entire organization.

Nevertheless, Malcolm has a high ability to treat the employees like customers; listening to their feelings, needs, and expectations, as he met every department’s employees, expressing his vision and listening to their remarks and expectations. Malcolm was flexible on the way he meets his goals but, of course, with a strong personality. When he needs a task to be done, he was asking his subordinates to decide at which time they can accomplish it. According to their timing, he fixes his timetable to meet them for discussing their work, but if they did not do it at the time they put at the beginning, then you can see a different person, whoever was the offender.

Moreover, in terms of the creative thinking, systems thinking, and organizational stewardship, Malcolm is on top of them that no need here to mention his contribution in developing a transformational plan for the next five years. Achieving a goal of bringing the organization to be one of the top respectful, profitable, and top viewership audiences in the country and the region, will require from Malcolm systems thinking and organizational stewardship that he was indeed.

The relation that has Malcolm Wall with his followers:

Malcolm Wall was dealing with his followers as they are his colleagues and friends with very respectful and humbleness way. He gives one, two, and three chances, but when he feels that anybody would affect negatively other employees or the organization, then he will be very strict and be like a father who punishes his kids to be better.

The major difference that conceptualizes the leadership of Malcolm Wall with the role of the management encompasses the way he motivates the employees under his managerial authority.

I remember when his assistant had to take a sick leave, he requested politely from my line manager for me to replace her but without changing my place or effecting my original tasks. When he needed something, form me he was coming to my office, discussing, explaining, and requesting politely to help him in it if possible. “When I need something from you I have to come to you, as when you need something from me you will come to me”, was his answer when I asked him to call me when he needs anything.

Malcolm proclaimed many times that “the employees are our best asset that needs to be well care of”, and one of his key strategic goals is to make everyone in the company feel proud of working in this company and other employees who aren’t working within the ADM to wish to work in.

For this vision and taking the responsibility of his transformational decisions, unfortunately, Malcolm had to resign after only six months of joining our company in a Mistry way. Leaving the company with its biggest gap and chaos, fighting to survive amongst the global organizations.

Justifation of fitted theory with the relation that has Malcolm Wall with his followers:

Because of the above study of Malcolm Wall’s personality and behavior, we can declare that this person is giving a clear example of the University of Michigan Studies; as he was Employee-oriented who emphasized interpersonal relationships and taking care of employees’ needs that his leadership, when applied, could results with high group productivity and higher job satisfaction.