Management and Organizational Behavior Quiz. Discuss the diff between groups and teams

Management and Organizational Behavior Quiz

Discuss the diff between groups and teams?

A group is an informal rather informal and often meets in order to come up with a solution to a short term problem. A group often comprises of four or more people who come together around a common objective and have impact on each other. On the other hand, a team is a syndicate that comes up with feasible solutions to long-term problems. A team usually has a formal set up and has good coordination and structure. In addition, a team usually has a group of people. Therefore, a team can develop into a team provided it has well-coordinated effort aimed at achieving a common goal. Lastly, it is not always necessary that a group will constitute a team since a team needs a well-coordinated effort, collective effort and common resource.

Name the five dimensions of the general environment and describe each dimension

The five dimensions include:

Economic Dimension- this usually encompasses inflation, tax rates, interest rates, recession, rates of charitable contribution, strength of dollar, unemployment and NASDAC

Technological dimension includes the internet, online bill, email and bar code technology.

The Sociocultural dimension- this includes aging baby boomers, low-carbon foods, pro-union sentiment and Population Migration towards the South and Southwest.

The Political-Legal dimension which encompasses welfare forum, gay marriage statues, the USDA and Americans with Disabilities Act

International dimension encompasses exchange rates, international outsourcing, language difference and Varying Environmental and Labor Policies.

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