Management functions and Performance evaluation

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Topic: Management functions.

Performance evaluation is the process of determining the quality of an employee’s productivity (Nain, 1981, 1); while performance improvement is the process of increasing the level of skill of an employee so as to increase and enable the employee to produce better quality production.

The human resource department that deals with the employees of a company may decide to offer training services to the employees. By offering training services to the employees so as to improve their skills hence improving their performance; is an activity that reflects to the improvement of the conceptual skills of an employee.

Job analysis and competency modelling is a management practice that involves both the evaluation and the improvement of employee performance. Through job analysis the manager is able to see what the employees are doing, how well they know and understand their roles (technical aspect of their work); through competency modelling, the management is able to improve the performance of an employee by showing them how things are done so that they can understand the technical concept of their duties (Fawzi, 2008, 8).

Through providence of efficient system of communication and use of etiquette in communication; through allowing free and easy conveying of messages between employees is a management practice that enables good human relationship and interaction between the employees. This helps build a good environment for working for the employees hence improving their performance (Bingham, 2012, 99-103).

The management of healthcare institutions should develop the practice of providing healthcare facilities to the employees themselves, also providing free health care services to the employees and health insurance services. Since most employees are usually exposed to diseases and are highly vulnerable to infections, the administration should provide them with equipment that will protect them from harm. Through providing free health care and health insurance, the employees are usually motivated and feel secure in the institution. All these motivation practices improve employee performance (Lago, 2011).


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