Management issues in E-Government

General instructions

 The coursework assignment is an individual essay on an agreed project management topic. It forms 60% of your mark for this unit. You must submit an electronic copy both to the Moodle marking drop box and also the Turnitin drop box.  Both of these are in the INFMAN unit in Moodle.


You will be allocated a research topic in the field of IT project management from a list provided by the lecturers. There will be opportunities to discuss initial drafts and seek lecturer guidance during tutorials.

The report should be 5000 words in length (excluding references and any appendices) ± 10%. This will consist of 1500 words on your literature search, and 3500 words on your critical discussion. Reports that deviate from the word count will be marked down on Structure and Presentation. Your word count should be clearly stated next to your essay title.

The literature you use should be from academic sources, should be recent, and relevant for the topic you have been given.

Plagiarism and Referencing

It is your responsibility to understand the concept of plagiarism, and that you accurately reference your work. See for details.

Grammar and Spelling


Correct UK English grammar and spelling is expected in narrative essay writing. You will be marked down on Structure and Presentation if your grammar and spelling are deficient. You may be marked down in other sections if poor language usage makes your meaning or argument difficult to follow.

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