Management of Operations

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Your Paper single-spaced, leave a single line space between items, and use font 12, and MUST have the following items:

(1) Theme for your supply chain individual company research paper; (paragraph)

(2) Introduction should contain company background; purpose, what the supply chain design wants to accomplish?(minimum 1 single-spaced page)

(3) The major (or critical) supply chain management issues (minimum 1 single-spaced page)

(4) Schematic Diagram–with upstream and downstream transformational activities; that is, Raw materials (sourcing), Producers (channel members) and End Customers. (minimum 1 page diagram, PDF file)

(5) State and Discuss challenges and bottlenecks (capacity and inventory issues) along the supply chains. (minimum 1 single-spaced page)

(6) By means of a table, identify SCORE model including the metrics appropriate to the supply chains (minimum 1 table, at least 1 page)

(7) Recommendations, include transformation ideas from supply chains to value chains (minimum 1 single-spaced page)

(8) List at least 7 or 8 journal articles, websites, and U-tube or video links to explain supply chains in your project.

(at least 1 page with journal listing and at least few slides of PREZI that include figures for upstream and downstream)

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