Management of Physical Agents

Assignment 1


The aim of this assignment is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the legislation and administrative controls for the management of physical agents and their advantages and disadvantages.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the project the student should:

• Be familiar with the administrative and legal controls of physical agents in the workplace

• Understand and appreciate the role legislation and other administrative controls have to play in managing physical agents in the workplace

• Be able to critically evaluate the effectiveness of legislation and other administrative controls in the workplace.


Physical agents include sources of energy that may cause injury at work and can include noise, vibration, radiation and extremes in temperature.

With the exception of noise write a 2000 word essay that critically evaluates any one of the remaining workplace physical agents (either vibration, radiation or extremes of temperature) in relation to a workplace environment that you are familiar with.

You should include references to the underpinning administrative or legislative controls as it relates to your own country or state, relevant guidance and recent published research as appropriate. You are free to make any assumption you wish as to the nature of the work undertaken or context in which you wish to frame your discussion. Assumptions should be included as an appendix to the main report.

Administrative controls can include published standards that are applied where there is no or limited related legislation or in addition to legislative requirements. You should research a range of reference materials including recent published research relating to the physical agent you are discussing.

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