management research

Assignment detail


For this assignment you are required to: 

(1) Craft a research question or hypothesis concerning ‘Management in the 21st Century’  


(2) Design a research project to answer your question or to test your hypothesis. 



The following questions should be covered in your response:

a. What are the philosophical considerations (ontology, epistemology and axiology) which need to be taken into account and how did they influence your choice of question or hypothesis?

b. What contemporary issues did you identify as being of particular importance and how did you use them to support (justify) your choice of question or hypothesis? 

c. What does the literature say and how has this helped you to make your question or hypothesis more specific?  

d. Should the research be inductive or deductive?


Your assignment should also:

e. Describe your chosen research design, and method(s).

f. Describe your method of data analysis. 

g. Explain what ethical considerations need to be taken in account and how you will deal with these.


For the purposes of this assignment you should also:

h. Describe an alternative way in which you could have carried out research to answer your question or test your hypothesis.

i. Justify the one you chose (e).



Brief information


Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in ‎Consumer goods industry



CSR has become important in the business community. CSR has taken on the character of strategically planned actions that benefit all levels of society, and provides benefits for stakeholders’ communities as well as for the government.  In addition, companies that engage in CSR have a chance to establish a positive image for themselves in the eyes of society, which helps advertise their products.



How Unilever  where in ‎Consumer goods industry promotes sustainable development in their corporate social responsibility strategy. The main propose of this research investigate corporate social responsibility in relation to corporate reputation building and management. However, main findings of this paper are related to the examination how corporate social responsibility activities increases and enhances corporate reputation. This affect is analyses from the perspective of various stakeholder groups


Project Aims and Objectives


• Does Corporate Social Responsibility Enhance Corporate Reputation.

• How have Unilever achieved this growth by being a responsible.




Using qualitative in academic research examine economic, social, and environmental components of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR).



Teacher comment

I suggest that, given you want to take a qualitative approach, you use Unilever as a particular context for a case study design.


However, you need to then revise your question slightly, so on the lines of an exploration, or an in-depth investigation of …


You can also develop/refine your question a little more by a little more in the way of an initial literature review (even if just looking at 2-3 recent papers on this topic), to find out more specifically what we do know and what we don’t (the limitations of/future directions suggested) to identify a ‘research gap’ to justify your own question. Make sure also this remains consistent with your stated qualitative approach  so the kind of questions which maintain the word  ‘how’,  or others such as, as said above, an in-depth investigations, and aspects of how, underlying processes and complexities (and so forth).


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