Management will remain a basic and dominant institution perhaps as long as Western Civilization itself survives” (Peter Drucker, 1955). Explain what Drucker meant by this statement. Was it ever true? Is it still true?

In this document, I imagine two paragraphs that a student might have written as part of a previous essay assignment I have set (it is based on a quote I referred to in lecture 5 of this course). Both paragraphs are trying to make some similar points, but the first one does so much better. Of course there are many ways to write both good and bad essays, but these are indicative of common ways that people do well or badly. Apart from the imaginary marker’s comments I have made on the text of each, in general the main differences between them are:

• The better one makes more precise statements; the poor one makes vague and sometimes inaccurate statements

• The better one contains a clear argument (which presumably would be developed further in the essay as a whole); the poor one does not have a clear argument
• The better one references relevant work in an accurate manner; the poor one makes no references at all
• The better one summarises ideas in a relatively sophisticated way; the poor one is very simplistic
• The better one is targeted at the question; the poor one introduces an irrelevant issue

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