Managing Business Responsibility

Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcome 3 and accounts for 30% of the overall module mark.
This assignment is an individual assignment.
This assignment requires you to write an original essay answering the following question/s:
Consider the ten-page extract on Moodle taken from Finlay’s Strategic Management text (pp.
a) Identify the main discourses (taken-for-granted’s) in the text;
b) discuss alternative ways that the information might have been presented i.e. alternative
c) how might these alternatives change your understanding?
Discourses (as we are using the term here) are ideas that the author presents as taken-for-granted
truth(s) and therefore does not fully explain to the reader. Burr’s (1995, 2003) discussion of foxhunting
discourses is particularly useful in understanding the term and the online book and additional
notes within the module web should help you to get your plan started (particular reference to lectures
2 and 3, seminar 2, and chapters 4 and 8 of Burr).
A basic understanding of discourses is very useful in helping us to appreciate the nature of individual
truth(s). As business people and managers this can heighten our awareness of the world that other
people inhabit, heighten our sensitivity to others, and potentially reduce the likelihood of being
involved in unnecessary conflict.
The word count is 1800 words.