Managing the Appraisal Interview


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Managing the Appraisal Interview

In my viewpoint, performance reviews tend to do more harm than good to organizations. There is a high possibility that they do not help companies get the most out of their employees. Performance appraisal sometimes tends to feel more of an interrogation than an open coaching session. Although most employees will not admit to this, they do not appreciate this style of feedback from employees. As a matter of fact, a survey carried out by Gallup showed that only 14% of the study participant believed the delivery style improves performance. One of the main reasons why performance reviews do more harm than good is that there are high chances that managers do not give employees feedback on a regular basis. So, by the time each employee hears their correction or praises, the issues will be in the past. The feedback will be irrelevant as either the issues will have been resolved or are in the past. In essence, it is unnecessary to rehash painful times or praise that comes as an afterthought. As a matter of fact, almost half of employees receive feedback from their performance appraisals a few times every year or less. Most managers will wear the hat once a year. Additionally, some managers do not have training for performance review, which explains why they do not provide their employees with feedback. They lack a plan that tends o lead to unnatural conversations where employees feel as if their viewer is different from the colleague they are used to working with. Another reason why performance reviews do not bring the best out of employees is that they try to accomplish too many goals with a single conversation (Alsuwaidi, Muhammad, Barween, and Said, 16). For instance, performance reviews are used to decide on a promotion, give feedback for improvement, set a raise or bonus and justify future hiring. Although performance appraisals have proved ineffective, they have persisted for long.

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