Marginalised and socially excluded people.

Social work and social care are important proffesions in Ireland working to support many marginalised and socially excluded people. Write an essay outlining the key elements of each area of professional work noting both their similarities and differences.
APA style referencing please inside referencing including number of pages. Focus on social work and social care work in Ireland , please dont confuse social care work with health care work . Mention why this two proffesion are not straightforward That social work is based on human rights what is the CORU why social irish care will enter a new phase . what is the difference between this two proffesion how they work together about gaps in the system .The teacher want us to include this two reference ” Social Policy for Social Care Students in Ireland ” by Joe Moran and ” Irish Social Work Social Care Law ” by Claire Hamilton so please do . As well please include in text referencing , number of pages. good quality references please dont put some uncertain articles preferences of the books but there is not many books on social care and work in ireland please dont include informations from other countries social work.

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