market strategy

You are required to critically examine the marketing strategy of a commercial organisation of your choosing. The purpose of the assignment is to look at marketing strategy from a strategic perspective and to examine in depth one aspect of the organisations marketing strategy. You should focus on only 1 of the following strategies:


1. STP (Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning)

2. Branding Strategy

3. Relationship Marketing Strategy

4. Market Penetration Strategy

5. Market Extension Strategy

6. New Product Development Strategy


Extra Guidance: 


Your discussion should include:

– Marketing objectives related to the chosen strategy. This should be placed before the main discussion on Strategy.


– The relationship between the firms’ competitive advantage and the chosen strategy. You will need to clearly identify what you consider to be the organisations competitive advantage(s).


– Application of relevant models and theories to support your discussion. You are advised to include key academics in the relevant fields.


– Clear conclusions with justified recommendations for improvements (from a critical perspective)


You can choose any commercial organisation. It is recommended to choose a medium to large size firm, where secondary information is readily available.

There are a large number of case studies on organisations such as Apple, Burberry, Starbucks etc, and some will be used in the seminars. If you choose a firm that we study in Seminar, the quality & originality of your analysis needs to be much more advanced and not merely a repeat of the seminar.

You are required to be analytical and critical and not merely descriptive. So ‘critically examine’ is a key term.


Use a proper report format, so a title and contents page should be included, with section headings and page numbers. There should be an introduction, main body and conclusion.


The assignment should be in a report format and 1,500 words in length (MAX). You should not exceed this amount. 

Details of how marks will be awarded are in the tables below:

The word count excludes the title page, table of contents, list of references and appendix. You do NOT need an executive summary.


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