Marketing Briefing Document

You are a marketing manager for Whole Foods and you believe one of the issues the business needs to investigate for its long term health is why Whole Foods is not attracting and adding younger shoppers to its customer base. 

Marketing research is the systematic and objective search for, and analysis of, information relevant to the identification and solution of problems in the field of marketing. One of your recommendations for action – to aid Whole Foods’ understanding of the younger demographic issue – is that focus groups be conducted in markets across the country to obtain direct (primary) qualitative data from a cross section of the target population.

To conduct this undertaking will require that you retain a marketing research company and provide them with a briefing document from which they can review and then proceed to design a research methodology.


Why a Briefing Document?

Writing a research brief is the essential first step in any market research exercise. It will help the market research agency develop a relevant and appropriate research program. The very act of writing the brief enables the author (you, the Marketing Manager) to prioritize the objectives and the planned learnings you want from the research. Therefore, it’s essential that every effort be taken to prepare the best possible documentation of what is required.

 The Assignment:

Prepare a 3 page (single spaced) directive or brief that clearly:

a) States the purpose of the market research

b) Details the qualitative data to be obtained

c) Explains why the data is needed i.e. why it will help to address the problem.

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