Marketing on facebook and amazon,Amazon is one of the largest ” internet retailing company in the world, that sells from books to electronics to potential buyers from all over the country, it is well known to have cheaper prices for their items, and havin

Amazon has been in business for so many years to where they will not be undersold to any other company that are trying to compete with them. The products are displayed with great “advertising publish with using the press release, competent customers who will invest their products to be displayed through amazon to make money, and great policies that show lower rates, When the customer is needing for their product to shipped to them” (amazon, 1996-2010). Amazon has always kept their prices to a minimum, to where most customers will use Them around the holidays, to have the products sent to their families that live in further Countries. There have been customers that apply for a “career at amazon, making money Just sitting at home, waiting for potential buyers to show interest in wanting a great Quality product that they would not find cheaper at any other retail store, such as target, Sears, and toys R us” (amazon, 1996-2010). Amazon has a type of behavior that it shows customer satisfaction as being no.1, that if a product is defected, it would not cost anything to have it sent back to them. The product will be returned with one that is new and will have warranty has become the king of its own private little industry. The only problem with being the king is that everyone wants your throne. While has many strengths and opportunities it has threats and weaknesses, too. STRENGTHS: Well established web brand Loyal customers base of over 12million shoppers Distribution facilities to handle growth and fulfillment Leader in use of technology to delivery targeted content Excellent offline customer service Amazon has moved away from being a low price supplier of books toward a focus on delivering outstanding service at a price, WEAKNESSES: Too much diversity in their product line and could risk damaging its brand name. There is the potential for confusing their clients Shipping costs could be a deciding factor on whether a customer buys from or goes to a traditional store. More online retailers are offering free or discounted shipping and some, such as WalMart, offer site-to-store free shipping. Need to restructure business to drive toward profitability has meant upward pressure on prices No offline brand presence Insufficient community added value No telephone support