Marketing Studies

The essay should only cover this question which is from the text above:

What does the author mean by a “one-dimensional problem-solving discipline” and, using the example of the marketing concept, critically examine if this is this a fair evaluation of Marketing as it is taught in the two Marketing text books (Baines and Fill 2014, Lee and Carter 2012).

there should be 5 references that include these 3 books mentioned below, other two can be anything from the internet.

1)Baines, Paul and Chris Fill (2014). Marketing (3rd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press (Original work published 2008)
2)Hackley, Chris (2009). Marketing: A Critical Introduction. London: SAGE
3)Lee, Kiefer and Steve Carter (2012). Global Marketing Management: Changes, New Challenges, and Strategies (3rd ed.). Oxford: Oxford University Press (Original work published 2005)

the essay should include
1)a brief contextualization of the topic from the literature (e.g., marketing ethics, consumer behaviour, marketing entry strategies, etc.),
2)a critical discussion of the different positions based on the contextualization.
3)a concluding statement and outlook derived from your discussion.

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