Mead and Greer.

First, read or review Margaret Mead’s “Sex and Temperament” and Germaine Greer’s “Masculinity” Then, in a response of at least 600 words in length, address the following questions: 1)After reading “Sex and Temperament,” how do you think that Margaret Mead would respond to the following question: Does being born a woman determines one’s fate? Explain your response.,,,,,,,2)Based on the ideas presented in “Masculinity,” how do you believe Germaine Greer would respond to the question: Does being born a man determines one’s fate? Explain your response.,,,,,,,3)Do you agree with Greer that “Masculinity is a system” (734, par. 12)? Is her claim still relevant today? Why or why not?,,,,,,,4)Finally, based on your own observations and experiences, how do people today (ranging from your family members and friends to government officials and internet trolls) treat those who deviate from gender norms? To receive full credit, you must support your claims with…at least two direct quotations, one from each text (from the author’s text itself versus the editor’s introductions) as well as,,,,,,,,,,,Analysis/interpretation of these quotations.Remember that you must correctly cite any print or web source that you quote or paraphrase.