“Media professionals are subject to routines which reward conformity and stifle innovation”. Explore this proposition with reference to any professional group within the media; how far does the balance between conformity and innovation serve the interests of different ‘stakeholders’ in the media?

Approach to answer:
The essay will need to assess how far the proposition has validity in general, as well as at each of a variety of levels and in a variety of domains: 
from the individual, through the departmental or professional to more senior levels of strategic management; or from routines governing authoring and performance through editorial and other ‘backroom’ functions, including advertising, circulation, distribution, technological etc…

In other words, the balance between routine and creativity is likely to vary even for one individual in different roles, and for different roles and statuses within a profession or organization, and may be influenced by tensions between bureaucratic and professional interests. 
Whose interests are best served, and on the basis of what evidence?

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