men and musclinity

men and musclinity Description Option One: You can write on the same project topic you are responsible for. Although facts and figures are essential to substantiate the arguments in your paper, emphasis is on the vigour of analysis and application of classroom learning rather than on facts and descriptions. Option Two: You will need to write a personal journal essay. In this essay, you may interpret a personal life event, process, situation, or relationship from a perspective discussed in class. These ideas may come from my lectures or from the project presentations. It is not enough if you just describe an experience, you are expected to analyse your experience with a perspective/ perspectives that we shall cover in class. The most frequent experience might be related to your father, a male relative, a male teacher, a male friend, etc. You may show how such an experience or that particular relationship has impact on you. You may use photos or pictures to assist you. Please make sure that your name, student number, the topic that you intend to write will be typed on the front page of your essay. Your essay should include an introduction, a conclusion and proper citations. Please also adopt a standardized style of referencing in your essay.