modernization and dependency,The modernization and dependency perspectives provide two different explanations for development and underdevelopment. Compare and contrast the main propositions of these perspectives and discuss their respective strengths and


¨ The essay must be based on relevant course readings, lectures, and tutorial discussions. No additional
external sources can be used. Students must provide examples from the readings to illustrate their
ideas or those of the authors under discussion.
¨ The essay must be clearly organized. It should contain a title page, an introduction, a main body, and
a concluding paragraph. Each paragraph must be clearly structured around a topic sentence (in bold).
¨ The essay must use standard academic referencing style and include a bibliography of all course
sources cited in the assignment.
¨ The use of direct quotes must be kept to a minimum.
¨ Students are encouraged to review the Students Paper & Academic Research Kit (SPARK) in
preparing their assignment for important tips: