Molex case study 1

Task – with reference to the Molex case study (Case Study below), you should answer the following questions:

(You do not need overall introduction or conclusion for this assignment)

1) What multinational strategy is Molex pursuing? A multi-domestic strategy? An international strategy?  A global strategy?  Or a transnational strategy?

Does this strategy make sense for Molex? Why?

2) Through your own research on Molex, identify appropriate performance indicators.  Once you have gathered relevant data on these, undertake a performance analysis of the company over the last five years. What does the analysis tell you about the success or otherwise of the strategy adopted by the company? (The biggest part of the assignment)

(Financial performance of Molex 2010-2013, financial performance of competitors, financial performance of sector)

3) From an International Human Resource Management perspective how would you characterize the approach to staffing used at Molex? Is this appropriate given its multinational strategy? What can be learned from Molex’s approach and what impact might it have on the design and implementation of corporate level strategy?

4) In December 2013 Molex was acquired by Koch Industries. On the basis of your additional research, what were the motives for this acquisition? And how do you expect Molex to change under Koch?

5) With reference to the MOLEX case study, provide one example which clearly illustrates ‘a link’ between two theoretical concepts drawn from two of the following:


International Management, Accounting, Finance, Human resource Management, Change Management

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