Moral Development Worksheet


Directions:  For each situation, decide in which stage of Kohlberg’s theory the person is responding.  Write your answer and why you use this rationale for choosing a particular stage.

  1. Tamara has five tests in one day. She is a good student but did not have time to study for her French test. She knows the person who sits next to her In French class is also a good student. This girl has copied from Tamara on occasion. Tamara decides to look at the other girl’s test for the questions she doesn’t know. Besides, thinks Tamara, “I never should have five tests in one day anyway.”
  1. Scott thought about leaving school early and going to a baseball game. He stayed in school because he was afraid of getting caught.
  1. Juanita’s friends were at the mall, and someone suggested they do a little shoplifting just to see if they could get away with It. Juanita wouldn’t participate and said stealing is wrong.
  1. Muhammad lives with his mother in a poor section of the city. His mother is quite ill and needs outpatient services daily at a hospital some miles away from their home. Muhammad steals a car to take his mother to the hospital.
  1. Martina, a young woman living in a war-torn region of the world, distributes food to orphans living in the streets. This activity is actually against the law. She frequently has to deceive the authorities in order to keep these children alive.
  1. Grant wants to spend time after school volunteering at the hospital. However, he is a good basketball player, and practice interferes with this volunteer program. The coach and other teammates pressure him to play. Grant decides to play with the team