Mortgage markets in the Western World


Write a paper of four pages
About 4 pages written text = around 1.600 words. This excludes tables and graphs.

Part I: general description of mortgage markets (about 400 words)

a. Tell something about “The Two Golden Rules” of providing mortgage loans (see lecture sheets)
b. Tell something about the methods to overcome the down-payment barrier.
c. Tell something about specific mortgage products such as endowment, investment and interest only mortgages. (But not too much.)
d. Funding mechanisms (Deposits, Covered Bonds or Mortgage Backed securities)
e. Is there a relation between house price cycles and mortgage finance?
Part II: further investigation on Risk (about 1.200 words)
1. Is it possible to say that certain countries have more risky mortgage provision than others? Can you tell what factors play a role? Has there been a change after the Global Financial Crisis?

These documents are very relevant general material

• Michael Lea (2010) “International Comparison of Mortgage product offerings”
• UNCE (2010) “Housing Finance Systems for Countries in Transition”
• Scanlon et al papers (2008 and 2011)
• European Central Bank (2009) Housing finance in the Euro Area

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