Multi-Ageny Reflection

This assignment (60%) requires you to write a 2,000 word reflective account of the multi-agency working case conference. You will be required to reflect on the team work, communication skills, behaviour and organisational culture and support your thoughts with theoretical perspectives and supporting evidence

Assessment Guidance Task 2: Reflective Report

Using your case material, and the feedback that you will have received from your fellow students, produce a written reflective report of 2000 words (+/- 10%) which provides evidence of:

•           Reflecting on the process of working in a group both throughout the unit and at the case conference simulation.

•           Analyse and assess your experience relating to models of working and theoretical frameworks from an organisational perspective

•           What were the practice issues you experienced? Are they affected by legal, management constraints? How do they relate to real world multi agency working?

•           How did you as an individual and group manage any practice dilemmas, communication issues and conflict? How does that relate to real world multi agency working?

•           Critical appraisal of your own practice including what you have learnt.

•           This piece of work may be written in the first person

1. Reflection on your own experience

2. Multi-agency working generically

Legislation- People working in a group (attached their action plans)

What is good about contribution? (Each member of group likes to work individually, not helping and giving suggestion to each other, we should like being a member of the team and we should see the task being achieved by joint effort but I did not see these elements in my group)

How you communicate in a group? Method of communications (Belbin’s team theory and Tuckman group stages) was your communication good or bad and why (all in my reflection).


Confidentiality: communicating on What’s Up, sending mails. Is it confidential? Send documents carefully. All of them send right documents all the time.