Multinational Financial Management Assignment

The participants of the course are expected to form groups consisting of 2-3 students that will work on chosen project. Each group will write an original paper on an international finance topic. The paper will be between 1500-2000 words (excluding references and appendices). It will be written in 3 stages and you will present your findings in class.

 Proposal (due week 4):  One page description of the topic that you are interested in. You should articulate the question/hypothesis that you would like to test. You should also briefly describe the data that you plan to use and reference at least one relevant paper.

 First Draft (due week 9): Your paper should have four parts: introduction, data, analysis, and conclusion. The introduction should state the question that you are asking, explain why this question is important, how you plan to answer the question, and how it is related to what others have done. The data section should describe the data that you are using. This may include the description and discussion of the data source, variables that you are using and a table with descriptive statistics. The analysis may consist of a series of graphs, tables, correlations and perhaps even a regression. The conclusion should summarize the results, state their implications, and suggests further research.

Presentation (weeks10-11): Your presentation should be around 10-15 minutes long. You should prepare slides summarizing the issue that your paper addresses, the motivation, its relation to existing work, your findings and conclusions. Each presentation will be followed by a 10 minute question and answer period in which all students are expected to participate.

 Final Draft (due week 12)


The assessment criteria for the project are as follows:

Problem Identification and Coverage                         15%

Reading and References                                             10%

Data Collection, Analysis and Evaluation                  40%

Conclusion                                                                  10%

Organization and Presentation                                   25%  

Total                                                                          100% 

Here is a list of possible topics :

  1. Is the U.K. current account deficit driven by the U.K. budget deficit?
  1. Will the pound depreciate? Various scenarios.
  1.  Why is the volume in the foreign exchange market so high?
  1. Do capital inflows make U.S. interest rates low?
  1. Does the current account respond to exchange rates?
  1. Is country X’s balance of payments sustainable?
  1. Managing exchange rate risk in global oriented firm
  1. International Portfolio investments: Risk and Returns
  1. Why has the U.K. current account deficit increased so much during the last twenty years?
  1. Why are some emerging countries accumulating so much foreign reserves?


  1. What role did fiscal deficits (or fiscal policy, monetary policy etc.) play in the 1997 Asian Crises (or Argentina 2001, Mexico 1995, Russia 1998, Turkey 2001)?  

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