Museum Site Visit Paper Extra Credit for Proper Documentation of visit to a major Art museum

Introduction. (1-2 paragraphs) Introduce me to where you visited. Where was it? Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago), MIlwaukee Art Museum, any Chicago Gallery River North District, or any other art district. Gallery on a college campus. What was on display? Was there more than one show going on? Who were the artists? At a Museum don’t go heavy into the whole collection, what part of it did you spend the most time in? Describe how the space made you feel… Main Body. (3-5 paragraphs) Concentrate now on one work of art? Describe it physically, and compositionally. Talk about the subject matter. What materials were used? Was there a main point to the work or was it art for art sake? How does your eye travel through the art work? What is the color scheme does it have one? Is it abstract or representational? How do these things factor into the meaning of the work? Conclusion (a Little longer than unusual can be 2-4 Paragraphs): Tell me how it felt to visit a museum. Has it been a long time, have you ever been before? How was your experience? Tell me how you felt about the art on display. Was there things that bothered you about your experience? Was it a positive experience? Elaborate… Keep in mind citations. It may be helpful in the body to look up a source on the Artist you concentrate on, and it couldn’t hurt to see what critics have said about the museum itself.