nuclear radiation protection

nuclear radiation protection

Discuss in detail the physics of the interactions involved in the following: THE JOINT EUROPEAN

TORUS(JET). As the JET is UK based, also discuss the radiation protection challenges with the

equipment that may exist.

introduction should have no more than 50 words

conclusion no more than 100 words.

the remainder of the paper should be split:

70% discuss in detail the physics of the INTERACTIONS involved/

30% the radiation protection challenges that the equipment may present.

The paper is required to be descriptive in nature.

the paper should only reference with UK peer reviewed journals newer than 2012.

Joint european torus should be refered to as JET all through the paper.

all references should be secondary references

there should be a focus on UK radiation legislation,

there should be no pointless lists

there should be no diagrams, charts, tables or similar


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