nursing;mentor’s role in facilitating learning within the practise setting

Critically analyse the mentor’s role in facilitating learning within the practise setting

Your analysis should include:

• the mentor roles of facilitation of learning and assessment
• approaches to facilitate learners to acquire clinical skills and knowledge
• the mentor-learner relationship and actions that promote learning 
• challenges that mentors experience in relation to facilitating learning
• support for both the mentor and learner

The module has the following learning outcomes:

1. Evaluate relationships within the practice learning community, promote anti-discriminatory practice, develop mutual trust and respect and assist learners to make the transition to practice helping them integrate academic and practice elements of learning. 
2. Assess a learner’s stage of learning, assess individual learning needs, facilitate appropriate programmes of learning and evaluate their effectiveness making the most of educational opportunities in practice. 
3. Critically appraise a range of assessment strategies and assess the level of competence of learners in practice and be accountable for confirming the achievement of a required standard. 
4. Develop a critical awareness of the inter-professional context in practice learning, maintaining appropriate professional boundaries while promoting learning across professional groups. 
5. Develop their leadership skills in prioritising work, delivering effective learning programmes, evaluating effectiveness, providing feedback to learners and acting as learner advocate as appropriate.

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