Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Psychological Factors

1. Discuss the evidence that psychological factors influence illness, in relation to Obsessive­Compulsive disorder.

2. Identify 3 relevant theory or models.

3. Find the evidence (Literature search Start with a review, chapter or other discussion papers).

4. Critical appraisal of evidence (What are we critically appraising? Evidence/ Theory/ Practice. How do we critically appraise? Reflection/ Questioning/ Analysis/ Comparison/ Systematic evaluation).

5. Discuss the role of psychosocial factors in OCD. To what extent are psychosocial factors important in OCD? Compare and contrast different theories of OCD. What is the evidence that stress is associated with OCD?

6. Writing style:

• Use of the first person, headings and bullet points.

• Essay should be analytical, not just descriptive.

• Have a clear line of argument (how will you persuade people of your take home message?).

• Engage in debate (think pros/cons; arguments for/against; compare and contrast; turn the argument around).

7. Referencing (at least 20 research papers references)

• Find the evidence/proof. • Reference every statement.

• If you can’t reference it be cautious in the language you use.

• Referencing in the text and your reference list must be formatted correctly using Vancouver or Harvard referencing. I will provide the Assessment Criteria in my account. Thank you so much

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