Office Procedures

1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. General information: Organization’s Name, Date Established and Location, type of Organization, number of Employees, Purpose of Business, Organizational Goal and Mission Statement.
4. Organization structure (Organizational Chart), Name of CEO/Director/ and Mangers must be given. A brief description of their duties must be included.
5. Select five (5) employees in the organization, and discuss the competencies each must have for their positions. (persons who remove and install transmission once it has been rebuilt and persons who do the rebuilding)
6. List some of the ways the business advertises and informs internally and externally about what the organization is doing.
7. Discuss the security measures implemented to safe guard cash, discuss the billing cycle (if any), and ways customers may make payments, also discuss the importance of confidentiality in this organization.
8. State how time management and work place safety are encouraged. Talk about the emergency procedures, control of outsider and employee access and how are employee and clients’ personal information are kept private.
9. Discuss how VAT (Tax) may have had an impact on the daily operations of the business.
10. Overview of your finding (Discuss your impression and what you learned from the experience)    

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