Operations and Project Management

Assignment Brief


A recent investigation by Channel 4 dispatches on Sports Direct has branded the company as a ‘sweatshop’. The company allegedly offers zero hour contracts and are embroiled in a myriad of employee health and safety issues. The owner of Sport Direct, Mike Ashely has always defended these accusations. In a recent interview he implied that as a businessman the changing face of competition due to operational and technological forces are greatly influencing his strategic decision making about the company. For the purpose of this assignment the company is now trying to change its current approach to operations management after a great damage to its reputation caused by the Channel 4 programme.

You are a new operations manager at Sports Direct and you are required to apply methodologies that will assist with the management of change within the organisation. You are now tasked with writing a plan in the form of a report to the Sports Direct board of Directors/Executives highlighting the following:

1. Formulate and illustrate an operations strategy that will integrate with the product requirements and marketing functions for Sports Direct.

2. Critically assess managerial skills and competencies required for management of operations and projects in a rapidly changing commercial and technological environment for the company.
3. Explain how to plan and manage an operations function and report on the optimum layout for specific types of process work flows and process technologies. You should attempt to address how the plan will inculcate health and safety arrangements in the distribution and retail centres for the company.
4. Evaluate and make appropriate recommendations to the board in your plan methodologies that will assist with the management of change within projects and operations management in order to improve the overall competitiveness of the business.

Guidance notes and considerations

You will reference all sources. Your word count will include all quotes or citations. There is a 10% allowance on the word count. This means your report can be no less than 2700 words and no more than 3300, including quotes and references. The word count is deliberately concise to encourage application of academic writing techniques.

This is an exercise in making sound academic observations fully supported by evidence you have gathered.

Criteria for Assessment

Your Assessors are looking for:

• Academic writing and Harvard referencing (10%)

• Content and depth of knowledge and application of theory (50%)
• Critical analysis (30%)
• Presentation and organisation (10%)

Marking Scheme (Value 70% of the module grade) Please also see guidance notes.

Academic Writing (10%) Content and Depth Of Knowledge (50%) Critical Analysis (30%) Presentation and Organisation (10%)

Mark scheme!!!

60% – 69% Very good piece of work. Only a few errors. Very good evidence of independent research undertaken with largely effective Harvard referencing. Well research academic sources. Very good knowledge and understanding of key areas with detailed and accurate application in practical scenarios. Different views and perspectives shown. Explores and critically analyses key areas. Justified personal opinions/ideas. Very good recommendations, plans for improvement. Good structure. Very easy to follow. Mainly accurate expressions. Good academic skills. Very good academic and/or technical language, well written.
70% + Excellent piece of work, with a few or no errors. Achieved all module outcomes. Evidence of very good individual research with very effective Harvard referencing. Excellent knowledge and understanding, exploring and analysing key areas. Very good analysis of key areas and broadened subject. Outstanding ability of problem solving. Original, retrospective thinking. Excellent critical analysis and reflections. Original ideas supported with comprehensive research. Pertinent recommendations. Exploration that may exceed the brief, Very good academic skills. Presentation is clear, the purpose is defined in a detailed, logical format. Very well structured.

Added points:

-contents page
-executive summary
-application of theory
-directly apply to the case study problem

recommended reading:

1.Greasley, A (2013) Operations Management. 3rd edn. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons

2.Slack, N. , Brandon-Jones, A.. Johnston, R. and Betts, A, (2015) Operations and Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact. 4th edn. Harlow: Pearson Education

added points for tasks:

1.specific models, Gresely and Slack books,internal issue

2.retail market skills and attributes,relate to sports direct case study>problems and issues
3.process diagram,models that specify health and safety
4.summary of recommendations(back up why),incorporate strategy within sports direct(what went well?, how can they improve?), sustainability of new strategy(short term and long term).


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