OrangeSky PR plan

Social Media Plan


The brief:

This assessment piece is to be written from your professional perspective as a practitioner. You are preparing this for your client (insert your chosen social enterprise organisation) on their behalf. Your client has emailed and said that they were very happy with the review that you conducted and would like you to now put together some ideas and recommendations on how your findings could be improved.


A2 Social Media Plan

You are drawing on what you did in Review to write 3 goals (1xreputation, 1xrelationship and 1xtask).

You then write 2 objectives for each goal.

The above, like below, takes thought so please plan for this to take time.

It’s not at “assignment” it’s thinking like industry so, please apply critical thinking to your goals, objectives, publics, tactics, message(s) etc.


You should list the publics for each objective.

When you are applying critical thought, you may realise that they are different, or they may be the same, that’s up to you to think about in relation to your particular goals and objectives.


These relate directly back to the Goal & Objective

Try to write a different one for each goal.


Write some bullet point ideas about how you want to put into action your objectives.

These should include offline and online activities (or tactics).

They MUST relate directly back to each goal and objectives.

Instagram Post

 As stipulated in the UO you only need to provide a sketchy outline in the form of a few brief sentences.

At the planning stage you still need client approval before moving ahead to develop them (in next assignment).

At this stage in any project you need the client to sign-off on your plans before you start developing them. Otherwise – playing devil’s advocate, what happens if they don’t like your plans?

Instagram Posts sequence

• Ideally you should be able to write an Instagram post for each objective HOWEVER your task goal is not required for A3 and it may be hard to “broadcast” about over Instagram.

• Also, keep these 4 points in mind:

– If it works in your plan to write one for each objective and that happens to work into a sequence, that’s great.

 – Otherwise just write your ideas for now and we can focus on the sequencing in next assignment.

– Again, remember that in next assignment you need to reflect on what you see in the Peer Share Database and you may wish to change/tweak your ideas after. – Your client may not like your plan and you may need to adjust it.

Goals, objectives and publics.

• Don’t make assumptions about how to write goals and objectives. Please do the readings and do the exercises to ensure you factor in the key points.

• If you get stuck (or are just unsure) bring your drafts into the tutorial to ask for tutor advice.

Instagram posts

• To get you thinking critically about WHY you think that approach is appropriate to include in your plan.

• Make sure your Instagram posts are aligned to your Goal & Objective.

• Don’t include fully worked Instagram posts.

Message writing

• This is left to last to ensure that you’ve got your goals and objectives and target publics organised before attempting to write your message(s).



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