organisational change and leadership

OBM Assignment


● Demonstrate an understanding of core topics within the field of organisational behaviour and management.


● Apply concepts from organisational behaviour and management to practical issues and personal experiences 


● Demonstrate an understanding of contemporary debates within the field of organisation studies


● Demonstrate the intellectual skills of critical review and synthesis of research literatures, including identification of avenues for further development 




Assignment task


Essay (2400 words – no 10% leeway allowed but you can use appendices)


Apply relevant theories, concepts and findings from available research to discuss and analyse an approach to organizational change and leadership adopted in a case study company of your choice. As part of your answer/analysis you need to discuss Organisational change in combination with leadership from the ones covered in the module. The assignment should consist of two parts:


Part 1. 60% of the mark (1400 words)


1.Introduce the topics and case study company (Ooredoo telecom).

2.Offer a critical and focused literature review on the selected two topics.

3.Present an analysis of the case study based on the reviewed literature.

Part 2. 40% of the mark (1000 words) 


Provide well supported and practical recommendations linked to your analysis and conclusions.





● It must be word-processed in 11 point Arial font and double-spaced

● All pages must be numbered

●Margins must be as follows: Top: 1 inch, Bottom: 1 inch (2.5 cm), Left: 1.25 inches, Right: 1.25 inches (3.2 cm)


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