Organizational Leadership and Role Transformation

Questions: 1­2

1. Conduct an organizational assessment to answer the following:

1a) describe your organization ( Forest Hills Hospital in Queens NY) stage of development, from very linear to becoming a “complex adaptive system”

1b) discuss how the style and actions of leadership affected the organization’s stage of development You need to use the following concepts/information below to describe the assessment and to answer these numbered questions and there parts. The material to answer the questions are found in the following pages that I will be uploading for referance in a zip file. there should be 15 pages in total from the text books in the zip file. I also included them below and the books incase you have access to them. isbn of each book : 978­0­8036­4529­5 complexity and leadership second edition by Diana M. Crowell. 0­8036­2207­4 advanced practice nursing 3rd edition by Joan m. Stanley concepts/information below for the first questions: ­four (4) components of the Complexity Leadership Model discussed in the text Complexity Leadership (p. 4). ­ complexity science concepts discussed in Complexity Leadership, Table 2.1 (pp. 20­23) ­ concepts in mechanistic and complexity paradigms in Complexity Leadership, Table 3.1 (p. 44) ­ concepts in linear and complexity approaches in Complexity Leadership, Table 3.2 (p. 45) ­ the linear­versus­complexity organization and leadership matrix in Complexity Leadership (p. 46)

2) Describe how the concept of “clinical microsystem thinking” is applied and implemented within Forest Hills Hospital. concepts/information below for the second question: Clinical microsystems are discussed in Advanced Practice Nursing: Emphasizing Common Roles , pp. 402­403; also Complexity Leadership, pp. 59­63. 

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