Organization’s operating environment

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Organization’s operating environment


Critically appraise the use of scenario planning as a process for understanding key uncertainties in an organization’s operating environment. The essay should draw on examples and readings to illustrate the argument. 

When answering the question you could consider:
• How has scenario planning evolved?
• What are the benefits and limitations of scenario planning for challenging
cognitive bias?
• When is it most appropriate to use scenario planning?
• Can scenario thinking help practitioners cope with uncertianty?
• Is scenario planning useful in alternative environments or contexts?

You must follow and meet all the assessment criteria; the client has uploaded a file that describes them clearly. The client has uploaded their reading list. They would like you to use some of the core resources but the huge majority of them must be from other resources, it has further explained this on the essay assessment file. Also, you can use resources from EBSCOhost, seeker and Scopus, these should be available for free on the internet.

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